The First Phase of Development

(Length of stay – entrance into program until two weeks before delivery)

Participants receive the following services during the Womanhood Phase:

  • Housing, personal, and household supplies
  • Assessment to determine barriers to attaining stable housing and employment
  • Pregnancy and labor education and support
  • Weekly counseling
  • Education in the form of financial, employment, and life skills workshops
  • Referrals to community partners to address barriers, such as GED preparation, TANF program, and housing agencies
  • Assistance in developing a one, three, and five year Strategic Life Plan

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Safe housing and delivery of her new baby.
  • A Life Plan developed to secure stable housing, employment, training and improved future economic status for the family.
  • A plan for the participant to receive the tools to begin taking steps toward her short and long term goals.

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