Third phase of the program

(Length of stay – from 9th until the 24th week after delivery)

At nine weeks postpartum, new moms are evaluated to determine their eligibility for continuing in the Head of Household phase of the program. Participation in this phase requires the participant to reaffirm her commitment to working through the Head of Household Phase and the recommendations of the Sheltering Grace staff.

Participants receive the following services during the Head of Household phase:

  • Parenting workshops
  • Continuing life skills workshops and employment support services
  • Goal setting with case manager
  • Bible study provided weekly
  • When employed, clients begin saving toward housing
  • Continued access to items needed for her new baby, such as diapers, clothing, cribs and car seats

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Mother continues to grow and care for her new infant
  • Locate quality child care
  • Employment is secured or continued and saving plan is continued
  • Participant begins applying life skills and moving into the role of head of household
  • Long term goals set and worked towards
  • Participant continue to meet mile-stones and goals of her Strategic Life Plan

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