Sponsorship Program at Sheltering Grace Ministry

Sheltering Grace Ministry has a dual mission:

  • To offer shelter to homeless pregnant women and to provide the best possible environment to ensure the safe arrival of a healthy baby.
  • To work together with the mother to give her the tools, resources, and God’s life principles to make the changes needed to transform her life and move to an independent living arrangement.

What is Adopt-A-Mom?

Adopt-A-Mom is a program to help support Sheltering Grace Ministry with their goal of creating an environment where the community can help mothers first, gain a peaceful atmosphere and a safe place to have their babies and second, assist them in moving into transitional housing. Adopt-A-Mom gives supporters the avenue in which they can provide support for the mom and baby. Adopt-A-Mom provides the resources to meet the mom and baby’s needs such as utilities, programs such as counseling, stress management, parenting, childbirth/prenatal care, life-skills, finance, resume building and much more. The resources for meals, transportation and mentoring for the mom and baby are also included.

Who am I helping?

The mothers you will be helping are women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are choosing life. Women who are homeless and without a job, have very little money and little to no support system.

How does Adopt-A-Mom work?

Our Adopt-A-Mom program is a sponsorship program. Your sponsorship will help women transitioning to independent living arrangements with such things as household items, transportation and general living expenses. You can sponsor a mom and her baby with a gift of $25, $50, $100, $500 or any other amount that you are comfortable with. You may also donate to the Adopt-A-Mom program on an ongoing basis with a recurring donation. Please join us in this life-changing mission.

To participate in the Adopt-A-Mom program, please fill out the form below.

How may I benefit from this sponsorship?

You and/or your group get the opportunity to embrace the pro-life movement in a family-friendly atmosphere. Your adopted mother and baby become a focal point for individual or group prayer. You will benefit by knowing that you and/or your group are making a difference in the lives of others.


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