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We need your help!  It is through the calling of God and the kindness of their hearts that volunteers provide services, companionship and prayer for the mothers and babies living in the ministry homes.  This is a community outreach ministry.  Volunteers are needed to join the different teams that make up Sheltering Grace Ministry:

MEAL TEAM: Prepare and deliver nutritious meals after the birth of each child or for mothers who may be on doctor-ordered bed rest.

HOUSE CLEANING TEAM:  Help with house cleaning and laundry for moms on bed rest.  Help with cleaning and preparing the bedroom when there is a change of participants.  Spring and fall cleaning.

BABYSITTING TEAM:  Assist with childcare of infant while the mother work and/or seeks employment.

YARD WORK/GARDENING TEAM: Mow lawn, prune, trim hedges, garden, tree removal, etc.

PRAYER TEAM: Prayer Warriors pray daily for the board members, staff, facilitators, participants, past participants, and their families. Spiritual Partners also pray for a specific mother and baby.

RESOURCE CENTER TEAM: Assist in organizing, collecting, storing, and distributing items to needy mothers and children in the community.

Office and Special Projects Support: Assisting with mailings, calls, campaigns and other related administrative tasks.

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