Going Green to Give Back

Going Green to Give Back: Staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden Upcycles Waste to Create Mats for the Homeless

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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Image Courtesy: du cOeuR Project

Giving back to the community isn’t restricted to collecting items or money for donation. People also come up with unique ways to make life easier for others. The staff at a local Camden hospital took the initiative to go green, and in the process found an innovative way to give back. The team running the operating room at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital is upcycling waste materials. Their aim is to provide items to the homeless through this endeavor.

The manager of the OR explained that the team is working on converting used blue material sheets into yoga mats, or something similar. The staff uses these sheets for holding the instruments during surgery. The team has been working actively to create these mats, producing 150 so far. In fact, they have already donated 100 mats to the police departments in Cherry Hill and Pennsauken. They aim to have law enforcement personnel assist in delivering these mats to the homeless.

The staff at the hospital takes the responsibility for the entire process. The team members cut the sheets, and staple and sew them as required to create these mats. Since they are waterproof, the mats are ideal for use by the homeless dealing with unpredictable weather conditions. The woman who is the inspiration for this endeavor came up with the label “du Coeur,” which is French for ‘From the Heart.’

At Sheltering Grace, we believe that any initiative to give back to the community deserves praise and encouragement. The homeless are a part of our society and should receive all the help and support we can offer. You can do your part and donate to our cause as we help homeless women including would-be and new mothers.

Sheltering Grace Ministry, Ltd. is a 501(c)3 Ltd. non-profit ministry. We resolve the initial crisis of homelessness by providing a safe place to live during pregnancy and by providing mothers with the tools they need to improve decision-making, to enhance employment options, and increase family income, to act responsibly as the head of their household, and to develop the self-reliance to progress to permanent independent living. Please join us in renewing and rebuilding the lives of these brave women – #Be1of5000.

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